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アーティスト ~ Minako Yamano

アーティスト名 ~ Minako Yamano

ニューヨーク、Pratt Institute、絵画科大学院卒業
リキテックスビエンナーレ (現リキテックスアートプライズ) 奨励賞受賞
リキテックスビエンナーレ (現リキテックスアートプライズ) 入選
文化庁海外芸術家派遣員としてニューヨーク Pratt Institute 大学院課程卒
SOHO ビエンナーレ展 (ニューヨーク)(作品買い上げ)
「一粒の米 」展、ギャラリーメタノイア、パリ。「Monte dei Fiori」を受賞


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BA, Japanese Traditional Painting, Musashino Art University, Tokyo
MFA, Painting, Pratt Institute, New York

Liquitex Biennale, New Artist Award
Thesis Excellence Award, Musashino Art University, Tokyo
“Grain of Rice (Un Seul Grain de Riz)” show at the Galerie Métanoïa, Paris,December 2018.
Awarded Monte dei Fiori award

Japanese Cultural Ministry three year scholarship for art study abroad

Trained in the Japanese traditional painting known as “Nihonga”, which uses Sumi ink, brushwork and natural mineral pigments, the goal of my painting endeavor is twofold: to regain the dynamics, boldness, and humor of this style as seen in the works of Japanese grand masters such as Hokusai Katsushika or Jakuchu Ito; and to pioneer a new field by integrating modern motifs and techniques such as computer circuit boards, acrylic pouring and silkscreen printing.